Why you should not neglect a visit to the mechanic

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Many motorists try to avoid visiting auto mechanics as much as possible. In fact, they only find a mechanic necessary when their car breaks down or has a defect that prevents them from driving it.

Procrastinating car repairs not only proves costly, but it can also be dangerous for you, other road users, and your vehicle. Here are just a few things that can possibly go wrong with your vehicle if you try to take shortcuts with car repairs.

Simple, yet puzzling problems

Your vehicle may have a problem that you think is expensive to fix, thus making you avoid visiting auto mechanics. For example, you may find yourself having to jump-start your car on a daily basis because of what you think is a faulty starter, battery or alternator. The cost of replacing an alternator or starter is relatively high, and it can make you postpone a visit to the mechanic.

However, most mechanics have encountered situations where trouble starting the car can simply be attributed to loose terminals that connect to the battery. When these terminals are cleaned and re-tightened, the alternator can charge the battery effectively and the starting issues are fixed. You wouldn't know if the problem is big or small without professional advice.

More complicated issues

Some vehicle owners have experience with car repairs and often prefer to do the work themselves. However, some problems that seem easy to fix may actually be more complex than they appear. Car air conditioners are one example. You may think that your vehicle AC is not working because of lack of coolant fluid or perhaps an issue with your radiator. This may tempt you to go out and purchase coolant or even install a new radiator yourself.

It is not uncommon for mechanics to find that they have to remove an entire dashboard just to get to a faulty AC evaporator or to remove foreign items from the vehicle's ventilation system. Before you spend money on purchasing replacement parts, it is important to get a professional opinion on what may be causing your car issues.

Safety concerning issues

In certain cases, avoiding a trip to the mechanic can be dangerous for you and other road users. A classic example is when you need to replace your brake pads. Worn out pads often give a warning by squealing and screeching when you step on the brakes. Some motorists tend to ignore this warning sign and drive their vehicle until the brake pads are severely worn out.

If your brakes are squealing, your pads could be worn out more than you think. Don't gamble and take a shortcut that could lead to an accident. Get your brake pads replaced as soon as they begin to wane.  


13 February 2018

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