Little-Known Tips to Help You Become a Better New Driver

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Are you so excited that you can't sleep at night because you have just passed a birthday milestone and have just picked up your learner's permit? Before long, you will enjoy the sense of liberation and freedom that comes with your permission to drive on Australian roads, but you will also have a sense of responsibility. While you plan to get behind the wheel of a car as soon as possible and schedule some lessons to help you learn, what other tips should you bear in mind to help you become a better all-round driver?

When you take lessons with a driving school, they will teach you all that you need to know about the theory and practice, and this will definitely be sufficient to help you pass your test. It's always a good idea to pick up some additional tips and tricks that more seasoned drivers may be used to that could be advantageous from day one.

Dealing with Speed

For example, understand how to manage the illusion of speed when you're driving down a wide, straight road. You may think that you are not travelling as quickly as you actually are, and this could present an issue as you approach an upcoming bend far too quickly. This "awareness" may only come with practice, so keep your speed relatively low as you learn.

Extra Vision

When you're driving in heavy traffic along a motorway, don't just look at the car immediately in front of you, but train your attention a hundred metres or so ahead and look for "tall" vehicles. The drivers of these buses, trucks or vans have a better view of the road ahead and will typically react to any obstruction or slow-moving traffic more quickly. In other words, this will give you some advance warning should you need to brake or change lanes accordingly.

Dealing with Standing Water

If you come across a large area of standing water as you're driving, don't be tempted to go through this at unabated speed "just for fun." Slow down and make sure that the engine does not ingest any water, which could lead to a breakdown. Also, make sure that you dry your brake pads out as soon as you have cleared this area by gently applying your foot to the brake pedal as you're moving forward. Obviously, make sure that you do not become a hazard to any other road users as you do so, but this will help to ensure that your brakes are working properly when you next need to use them.

Always Learning

There's a lot to learn when you want to get behind the wheel and enjoy your new-found pastime. Ask your driving instructor for some additional tips and tricks, so you can be ahead of the game.


11 December 2018

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