A Guide On Side Tipper Trailers

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Side tipper trailers are designed to tilt to the side. This is unlike conventional tippers that tilt to the rear. Side tippers are advantageous because they minimise damage to your load since they do not have to be elevated during offloading. Besides, these tippers can work in constricted spaces. Below is an extract discussing how side tippers work and the considerations to make when purchasing a side tipper. 

How Do Side Tippers Work? 

A side tipper contains hinges that connect the trailer's body with its chassis. These hinges are controlled by a hydraulic mechanism that opens them in its forward stroke (thus tilting the tipper) and closes them in its return stroke (thus returning the tipper to its original position). 

Safety When Using Side Tippers

Below are some safety tips to observe when using a side tipper trailer: 

  • Regularly inspect the equipment. A faulty hydraulic system and rusted hinges and joints could cause accidents as you use the side tipper. You also risk accidents if the truck has a defective braking system.
  • Beware of site hazards such as trees and electrical cables. Additionally, do not attempt to tilt a loaded trailer on slippery or unstable ground.
  • Tilt the tipper slowly and systematically. Otherwise, the tipper could topple over.
  • Check the tipper's load limits to avoid overloading. Remember, the hydraulic system could collapse when lifting a load beyond its capability.
  • The tipper should be operated by experienced personnel.  

Buying A Side Tipper

When you are buying a side tipper, conduct some thorough background research to identify companies that make high-quality equipment. Online reviews and testimonials from people in the trucking business can provide invaluable information. Typically, you should be interested in knowing the problems that the trailer might develop and how you can avoid such problems. Inquire about the safety of the side tipper. As a rule, do not purchase models that are known to have issues with falling over while unloading materials. 

You will also need to decide on a suitable operating mechanism. For instance, some companies manufacture three-way tippers that can tilt to the left, right, or rear. Assess the tipper's ease of operation. Some models incorporate state-of-the-art technology that automates the various tipper controls. When buying a new side tipper, check the terms of the manufacturer's warranty. For instance, what repairs and maintenance will the manufacturer provide? What practices will void the warranty? You should also check the availability of spare parts and repair shops. 

You now have a comprehensive understanding of how side tippers work. Remember to observe the recommended safety and buying tips. 


11 March 2021

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