Three Essential Tips for Preventing Accelerated Brake Pad Wear

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Brake pads will wear at a consistent and predictable rate under ideal driving conditions. However, if there are unusual factors involved, these components might not last for the expected period. If your brake pads have shown signs of accelerated wear or abnormal performance, you should hire an experienced mechanic to inspect the braking system for faults. Unfortunately, in some cases, the accelerated wear can be attributed to poor practices. If your brake pads have not been lasting long, you should consider using the below-outlined tips to extend the life of these critical elements.

Avoid Riding Your Brakes

Riding the brakes is not an uncommon practice among both novice and experienced drivers. For instance, most people will ride their brakes when they are going down a relatively steep hill. This bad habit can be highly detrimental to your brake pads. You should remember that the braking system functions through friction. In simple terms, when you depress the pedal, the brake pads and the rotors engage and generate friction. This resistive force will force the vehicle to stop. If you ride your brakes, the pads will consistent grind against the disc rotors. As a result, the wear will be accelerated. Therefore, you should consider releasing the accelerator when going downhill and applying the brakes intermittently. If you have manual transmission vehicle, you can shift to a gear down for slower movement.

Check the Speed Limit

You should think about driving slower and adhering to the established speed limits for the preservation of your brake pads. In general, people who drive at high speeds exceeding the limits tend to stop suddenly around traffic lights and areas with other vehicles crossing their path. The sudden braking puts pressure on the brake pads, causing unnecessary strain and accelerated wear. Simply speaking, when you slam your foot on the brake, the pads and rotors will generate very high friction, and the connection will be heated. If you want to avoid the wear problems, you should drive slower to give yourself time to decelerate naturally and smoothly.

Avoid Carrying Heavy Loads

You should protect your brake pads from accelerated wear by unloading your vehicle. If your vehicle is heavy, it will take more resistive force to stop the automobile than if it was light. The amount of friction required will cause the brake pads to wear away fast. Therefore, you should remember to move your loads from the truck or car after transportation. If you do not need an item in your vehicle, you should make time for removal.

For more information, talk to a mechanic about brake repairs.


20 February 2018

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