Don't Overlook These Two Details When Choosing a Ladder Rack for Your Vehicle

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If you're a contractor of any sort and need to carry a ladder with you from jobsite to jobsite, it's good to have a ladder rack attached to you vehicle. This can get your ladder out of the way of other tools and items you might need to store in the back of your truck or van, and will also mean that you don't need to worry about losing that ladder from the vehicle's cargo area while you're driving down the road.

Note, too, that there are often many local legal requirements as to how a ladder needs to be secured to your vehicle if it's not on a rack, and failing to meet any of these requirements can mean a hefty fine, or being financially responsible for property damage if the ladder should come loose and hit another vehicle. However, you can easily avoid these risks by simply installing a ladder rack to your truck or van! If you're in the market for a new ladder rack for your vehicle, consider two important details you don't want to overlook when making your choice.

Width spectrum

Since there is a large variety of shapes and sizes of vehicle bodies, you want a ladder rack that will fit your vehicle precisely. This includes checking the width spectrum, or how far apart the frame of the rack sits. If this width spectrum is off by even a centimetre, the frame might lean to one side or another, or might actually rub against any holes or inserts in the truck bed or roof of your van. Most vehicle owners know to get a ladder rack that is long enough for their vehicle and their chosen ladder, but may overlook this width spectrum, so take careful measurements of your vehicle's width and ensure you choose a rack that fits.


A ladder rack attached to the roof of the vehicle will obviously add some centimetres to its height, but be mindful of just how tall it will sit once installed. If you often go through parking garages or other areas with a low overhead clearance, some roof racks might actually get in the way, and especially if you have a large telescoping ladder that gets very thick when folded up. As with the width of the rack, you might measure the height of the brackets and then the height of your ladder when it's folded, and then ensure you choose a rack that won't be so deep that it causes a hazard for you.


21 February 2018

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