3 Tips on Keeping Your Boat Diesel Engine Running at Its Best for a Long Time

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As personal incomes rise, more and more individuals across Australia are now able to set aside a bigger budget for recreational and leisure activities. Boats that go with diesel power are favoured by many modern boat buyers because they are designed to operate at peak efficiency while requiring minimal service. With that said, it is important to keep in mind that diesel-powered boats are not completely maintenance-free. The engines on these boats will require proper care to keep running at their best all the time. 

If you intend to get yourself a diesel engine boat, your boat manufacturer will typically provide specific instructions/guidelines on what to do to keep it operating at maximum efficiency. Some of the general maintenance items on the manufacturer-recommended checklist for the engine include periodic oil and filter changes, fuel filter changes, cooling system checks, air intake and exhaust system checks, drive belt checks, etc.

Aside from performing routine service on your marine diesel engine, here are extra steps to take to keep your engine healthy for a long time.

Keep your engine clear of dirt and debris

Marine dirt and debris can wreak havoc if they are left to build up on parts of your engine. Aside from undermining the performance of your engine's air intake and exhaust system, the buildup can also cover up defects that could result in costly engine damage. Visually inspecting your engine after every boat ride can help determine when to clean it. Steam cleaning is one of the effective cleaning techniques for your diesel engine. It can help remove all the dirt buildup on your engine compartment, allowing you to easily identify general wear that demands urgent attention.

Keep your engine watertight

To ensure optimal engine performance and prevent corrosion of metal components, the fuel that runs in your engine shouldn't mix with water. The water-separating filter on your diesel engine is designed to prevent water infiltration into the engine. Be sure to regularly drain any water that collects on the filter's bowl so as to maintain a stream of clear fuel. In addition to this, ensure the head gasket, cylinder head, and all seals are watertight.

Prepare your engine properly for long-term storage

Your boat is one of those assets you may not need to use most of the time. During the winter months, for example, you may need to store it. To prepare your boat engine for long-term storage, drain old oil so it does not congeal inside the engine and become difficult to remove later on. As a general rule, fill your fuel tank past the halfway mark to minimise the risk of air condensing inside the tank, thus resulting in fuel contamination. 

With these useful tips, you should be able to keep your marine diesel engine working at its bests for as long as possible. Talk to a diesel service for more information. 


23 February 2018

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