How to Reduce the Risk of Abandoned or Illegal Cars in Your Parking Lot

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When you own or manage any type of commercial facility, including a retail store or an apartment complex, you often run the risk of having abandoned or illegally parked cars in the lot. These cars can be very unsightly and may pose a hazard or nuisance to others if they're parked over a walkway or blocking a fire hydrant. Abandoned cars can even become home to insects and rodents! Note a few tips on reducing abandoned or illegally parked cars in your commercial lot, so you keep your property safe and looking its best as well.

Security cameras

People are often less likely to abandon a car or park it illegally if they think they will be seen and recorded, so invest in security cameras for your parking lot. Place these on light posts, as legally allowed, or other areas where the cameras themselves will be seen. If you can't afford cameras, or don't want the hassle of using them, buy fake cameras that look real and post those around the property! Seeing security cameras, or what appear to be cameras, trained on the lot can often be a good deterrent to someone abandoning their car, or blocking a walkway or fire hydrant every time they park.

Repaint and mark the lot often

There may be some cases where people park their cars illegally simply because parking lines and markings are faded and difficult to see, especially at night. A driver may get too close to a curb or hydrant simply because they could not see those obstructions while parking, or may not realize their car is encroaching on a walkway because there are no visible lines marking where they should stop. Repaint and freshen the markings of the lot often, to ensure people can easily see areas to avoid in the lot and can park properly, even at night.

Tow vehicles

While you may need to go through certain legalities in order to have the right to tow vehicles off your lot, it's good to be proactive about this and remove abandoned or illegally parked cars as soon as you're allowed. This will ensure that tenants of your complex don't get in the habit of parking illegally, assuming that you don't care or don't notice how they're parked. This will also ensure that people who live nearby don't assume that your lot can become a dumping ground for abandoned vehicles, trailers, boats, and anything else they want to dispose of quickly and easily. For more information on towing, contact a local professional.


26 February 2018

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