Does Your Car Have an Exhaust Leak? Here Are 3 Signs to Look Out For

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Whether your car's exhaust is a custom fabricated one or it's the standard one that your car came with, it's important that you check it regularly for problems. One of the most common exhaust issues is exhaust leaks -- and they can also be quite dangerous. If you have an exhaust leak, gas can get into your car and potentially poison you. Because the gas is both odourless and colourless, you need to be aware of the signs of exhaust leaks -- before you get sick. 

You Hear A Hissing Sound

Whilst driving, listen closely for a hissing noise from the engine, and also check for this noise whilst the car is idling. In most cases, a hissing sound will be sporadic but persistent -- you may not hear it for a while, but it will always return sooner or later. Additionally, you can check for hissing by leaving the car running and going to stand near the tailpipe -- sometimes, you may notice a more obvious hissing there. This is a sign that you have an exhaust leak and that it requires attention promptly.

You Have Reduced Fuel Efficiency

If you have an exhaust leak, you could potentially notice a decrease in your fuel efficiency. If you've realised that your car is getting less and fewer kilometres from a tank of petrol, it could be because an exhaust leak has affected the oxygen sensors, making them burn more petrol than is needed. Whilst the cost to repair the leak right now may be quite reasonable, waiting until later can mean that you waste a tonne of petrol -- and you also put your health at risk. 

Your Car is Shaking

Although there can be several possible reasons that your car is shaking, an exhaust leak is one of the things that you should check for first. If your steering column, gas pedal, or brake pedal seems to shake unexpectedly while driving, it could be because your exhaust is rusty due to the fumes escaping. Even quite small exhaust leaks can cause the exhaust to rust quickly -- and as a result, your car will shake as it attempts to cope with the damaged exhaust system.

If you've noticed any of the exhaust leak indicators discussed above, it's important that you get help from an expert straight away. By addressing the issue now, you may be able to save money -- and your health -- in the long term. For more information on custom exhaust fabrication and diagnostics, contact a specialist. 


27 February 2018

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