Auto Parts That You Must Salvage Before Recycling Your Old Car

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Is that old vehicle taking up precious space in your garage? You probably have no idea what to do with it because repairs will cost money you would otherwise spend on other essential things. Lucky for you, Australia has a recycling industry system in place that ensures old irreparable cars do rot away in owners' garages and hurt the environment. Car recyclers, therefore, offer an excellent opportunity for those that do not know what to do with their junk cars. However, just because a vehicle is old does not necessarily mean that its constituent parts aren't reusable. You can salvage some parts that can fetch you a decent amount of money. This article hints at some of the parts that are in high demand and that are likely to attract the most amount of money.

GPS System -- With most people using their smartphones for GPS purposes, one might think that an old car's GPS system is just another junk part. Nothing could be further from the truth. The built-in GPS system in your old vehicle can add a few hundred dollars to your bank account especially if you sell it separately. Just make sure that the system is in good working condition because selling a part that would need repairs would not make sense. If you have the portable type, then it won't fetch as much although you will still get something for it. 

Catalytic Converters -- Did you know that your old car has hidden treasure in it? If you didn't then it is time you went treasure hunting in your vehicle, mainly if it was manufactured after 1975. The catalytic converter harbours an array of precious metals, and this might explain why the part is always in high demand. Its role in helping to lower harmful vehicle emissions also adds to its high demand. Some of the precious metals found in a catalytic converter are platinum, gold, and rhodium. The presence of gold in the list should be enough to have car owners tearing apart their old cars just to get hold of the catalytic converter before taking the vehicle for recycling. 

Airbags -- The role played by airbags in the prevention of injuries during accidents makes it an in-demand part in auto part junkyards. Additionally, since it costs between $1000 and $2000 - depending on the car brand - to install a new airbag, most car owners prefer getting theirs from junkyards. Therefore, if the airbags in your old car have never deployed, then there is a good chance you will fetch you approximately $300.


1 March 2018

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