3 Things You Should Not Do After Calling Towing Companies


You should never do certain things once you call for a tow truck and you receive confirmation that the truck is on its way. This article discusses some of those points.

Never Ask for a Ride

You should refrain from flagging down passing motorists with the intention of hitching a ride away from the location of your crippled vehicle. This rule is important for several reasons.

First, you may put your safety at risk. Standing near passing traffic, especially on a busy road, could prove fatal. You also don't have any control over who stops, and you may find yourself with an untrustworthy person.Stay safe by remaining close to your vehicle.

Secondly, leaving your vehicle behind can make it hard for the tow truck to locate it. This is particularly problematic if your car breaks down in a location where prominent landmarks or physical features don't exist. Be patient and wait for the towing help that is on its way.

Never Forget Your Belongings

You should never lose sight of any valuables in your car once you call for a tow truck. Gather those belongings, such as your phone and wallet, and keep them with you even when you leave the car to stand outside. This will safeguard you against losing those items. For example, your wallet can drop out of the car if one of the employees who came in the tow truck is trying to manipulate the steering wheel as the front of your vehicle is being lifted so that the car can be towed away. Having your valuables with you can prevent an accidental loss.

Never Forget the Flow of Traffic

The most important preoccupation that you should have after calling for a tow truck is your safety. Don't be distracted by anything else, such as the appointment that you may miss. Such distractions can make you stray into the way of oncoming traffic. Find some high ground on the side of the road and stand or wait from there. This precaution is especially important at night or during bad weather when visibility is poor.

Getting stranded after your car breaks down when you are on the road can be a very stressful situation. However, that stress or inconvenience should not get the better of you and cause you to break any of the rules in the discussion above. Calm down and communicate coherently with the tow company so that they can arrive and resolve your situation quickly.


12 March 2018

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