Does Your Car Have an Exhaust Leak? Here Are 3 Signs to Look Out For

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Whether your car's exhaust is a custom fabricated one or it's the standard one that your car came with, it's important that you check it regularly for problems. One of the most common exhaust issues is exhaust leaks -- and they can also be quite dangerous. If you have an exhaust leak, gas can get into your car and potentially poison you. Because the gas is both odourless and colourless, you need to be aware of the signs of exhaust leaks -- before you get sick.

27 February 2018

How to Reduce the Risk of Abandoned or Illegal Cars in Your Parking Lot

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When you own or manage any type of commercial facility, including a retail store or an apartment complex, you often run the risk of having abandoned or illegally parked cars in the lot. These cars can be very unsightly and may pose a hazard or nuisance to others if they're parked over a walkway or blocking a fire hydrant. Abandoned cars can even become home to insects and rodents! Note a few tips on reducing abandoned or illegally parked cars in your commercial lot, so you keep your property safe and looking its best as well.

26 February 2018

3 Tips on Keeping Your Boat Diesel Engine Running at Its Best for a Long Time

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As personal incomes rise, more and more individuals across Australia are now able to set aside a bigger budget for recreational and leisure activities. Boats that go with diesel power are favoured by many modern boat buyers because they are designed to operate at peak efficiency while requiring minimal service. With that said, it is important to keep in mind that diesel-powered boats are not completely maintenance-free. The engines on these boats will require proper care to keep running at their best all the time.

23 February 2018

Don't Overlook These Two Details When Choosing a Ladder Rack for Your Vehicle

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If you're a contractor of any sort and need to carry a ladder with you from jobsite to jobsite, it's good to have a ladder rack attached to you vehicle. This can get your ladder out of the way of other tools and items you might need to store in the back of your truck or van, and will also mean that you don't need to worry about losing that ladder from the vehicle's cargo area while you're driving down the road.

21 February 2018

Three Essential Tips for Preventing Accelerated Brake Pad Wear

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Brake pads will wear at a consistent and predictable rate under ideal driving conditions. However, if there are unusual factors involved, these components might not last for the expected period. If your brake pads have shown signs of accelerated wear or abnormal performance, you should hire an experienced mechanic to inspect the braking system for faults. Unfortunately, in some cases, the accelerated wear can be attributed to poor practices. If your brake pads have not been lasting long, you should consider using the below-outlined tips to extend the life of these critical elements.

20 February 2018

3 Things to Consider Before Buying a Car

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Buying a car could require some significant cash outlay. It is therefore essential that you know what constitutes a good vehicle and how it best suits your driving needs. Fortunately, there is a wealth of information on how to go about buying the right car. Here are some things to consider before making that purchase. 1. The Running Costs Involved It is common for car buyers to pay more attention to the price tag of the vehicle they might purchase without paying as much attention to its running costs.

15 February 2018

Why you should not neglect a visit to the mechanic

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Many motorists try to avoid visiting auto mechanics as much as possible. In fact, they only find a mechanic necessary when their car breaks down or has a defect that prevents them from driving it. Procrastinating car repairs not only proves costly, but it can also be dangerous for you, other road users, and your vehicle. Here are just a few things that can possibly go wrong with your vehicle if you try to take shortcuts with car repairs.

13 February 2018