Car Service And What It Entails

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Taking care of your car is essential. Proper vehicle maintenance will ensure your car performs optimally for years. And while it seems obvious, not every car owner understands car service and how to get the most out of it, especially first-time car owners. Therefore, this piece takes an all-around look into car service and what it's all about. Why Is It Important? Servicing your vehicle promotes safety, which is critical when using it.

8 August 2022

How To Diagnose Your Diesel Engine

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Diesel engines are reknowned for their reliability, durability and fuel efficiency. If you own a diesel vehicle, you might be a bit confused when it develops problems. This article explains how to diagnose the various diesel engine problems.  Low Power A decrease in engine power can cause panic. For example, your vehicle could be unable to overtake or climb a small hill. Below are reasons why a diesel engine could be underpowered: 

17 November 2021

A Guide On Side Tipper Trailers

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Side tipper trailers are designed to tilt to the side. This is unlike conventional tippers that tilt to the rear. Side tippers are advantageous because they minimise damage to your load since they do not have to be elevated during offloading. Besides, these tippers can work in constricted spaces. Below is an extract discussing how side tippers work and the considerations to make when purchasing a side tipper.  How Do Side Tippers Work?

11 March 2021

Little-Known Tips to Help You Become a Better New Driver

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Are you so excited that you can't sleep at night because you have just passed a birthday milestone and have just picked up your learner's permit? Before long, you will enjoy the sense of liberation and freedom that comes with your permission to drive on Australian roads, but you will also have a sense of responsibility. While you plan to get behind the wheel of a car as soon as possible and schedule some lessons to help you learn, what other tips should you bear in mind to help you become a better all-round driver?

11 December 2018

3 Things You Should Not Do After Calling Towing Companies


You should never do certain things once you call for a tow truck and you receive confirmation that the truck is on its way. This article discusses some of those points. Never Ask for a Ride You should refrain from flagging down passing motorists with the intention of hitching a ride away from the location of your crippled vehicle. This rule is important for several reasons. First, you may put your safety at risk.

12 March 2018

Auto Parts That You Must Salvage Before Recycling Your Old Car

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Is that old vehicle taking up precious space in your garage? You probably have no idea what to do with it because repairs will cost money you would otherwise spend on other essential things. Lucky for you, Australia has a recycling industry system in place that ensures old irreparable cars do rot away in owners' garages and hurt the environment. Car recyclers, therefore, offer an excellent opportunity for those that do not know what to do with their junk cars.

1 March 2018

Quick Tips for Properly Maintaining Your Car

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Properly maintaining your car over the years can extend the life of the engine and other major components, and also ensure your car doesn't suffer early breakdown and unnecessary repairs. This maintenance can mean taking your car to a shop, but there are also many things you can do yourself in order to keep your car in good working order. Note a few tips on how to properly maintain your car and ensure it's in the best condition possible.

1 March 2018

Does Your Car Have an Exhaust Leak? Here Are 3 Signs to Look Out For

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Whether your car's exhaust is a custom fabricated one or it's the standard one that your car came with, it's important that you check it regularly for problems. One of the most common exhaust issues is exhaust leaks -- and they can also be quite dangerous. If you have an exhaust leak, gas can get into your car and potentially poison you. Because the gas is both odourless and colourless, you need to be aware of the signs of exhaust leaks -- before you get sick.

27 February 2018

How to Reduce the Risk of Abandoned or Illegal Cars in Your Parking Lot

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When you own or manage any type of commercial facility, including a retail store or an apartment complex, you often run the risk of having abandoned or illegally parked cars in the lot. These cars can be very unsightly and may pose a hazard or nuisance to others if they're parked over a walkway or blocking a fire hydrant. Abandoned cars can even become home to insects and rodents! Note a few tips on reducing abandoned or illegally parked cars in your commercial lot, so you keep your property safe and looking its best as well.

26 February 2018

3 Tips on Keeping Your Boat Diesel Engine Running at Its Best for a Long Time

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As personal incomes rise, more and more individuals across Australia are now able to set aside a bigger budget for recreational and leisure activities. Boats that go with diesel power are favoured by many modern boat buyers because they are designed to operate at peak efficiency while requiring minimal service. With that said, it is important to keep in mind that diesel-powered boats are not completely maintenance-free. The engines on these boats will require proper care to keep running at their best all the time.

23 February 2018